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Ethel receives the Outstanding Radiology Junior Faculty Research Award. Award Ceremony on JHMI Radiology Research Day. This award honors the annual research achievements of a distinguished faculty member, from the early associate professor level, through the assistant professor level to the instructor level. Congratulations Ethel!

RISE Lab presents: “Developing image-guided strategies to minimize cancer therapy-induced injuries” at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Imaging Sciences Seminar Series.

Ethel serves as a panelist at the American Brain Tumor Association Alumni Research Network’s 10th Annual Meeting. Agenda

Ethel gives a spotlight talk at the WMIC 2021 Monitoring Engineered Cells for Theranostics SyBRG Spotlight Session. Watch

RISE Lab presents a study on image-guided tumor re-engneering for enhanced nanoparticle delivery at the WMIC 2021 Theranostics Session. Watch

RISE Lab’s abstract on image-guided tumor re-engineering for enhanced nanoparticle delivery is selected for the WMIC 2021 Opening Ceremony Highlight Lecture, as one of the meeting’s top scoring abstracts. Congratulations RISE Lab!

RISE Lab presents: “Image-guided therapies for cancer therapy-induced brain injuries” at the Physics Academic Forum, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Department of Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Science.

RISE Lab presents: “Biologically responsive MRI contrast agents to monitor therapeutic interventions in oncology and regenerative medicine” at the Frontiers of Biomedical Imaging Seminar Series, Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science. Agenda

Ethel serves on  the 2021 World Molecular Imaging Congress Program Committee. PC

RISE Lab receives the JHMI Department of Radiology’s New Wet Lab Space Package.

Ethel serves on  the 2020 World Molecular Imaging Congress Program Committee . PC

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